Best Travel Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions – Travel insurance for a pre-existing condition is a good option to have for an international trip because without medical insurance, international travel can be very risky. Most travelers assume that their standard medical plan covers them, but it may not. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, this makes things even more complicated.

Most domestic health insurance plans do not cover international travel. Avoid medical coverage uncertainty with a proper international travel insurance plan.

Best Travel Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

Best Travel Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

Visitors Protect covers foreign visitors to the US. US, Canada and Mexico. Temporary travel medical insurance covers pre-existing conditions, so you can relax and enjoy your international trip.

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Visitors Protect is a plan of the International Medical Group (IMG), a well-known and reputable travel insurance provider.

Let’s see this travel insurance plan in detail and understand its advantages, scope, exclusions and costs.

The Visitors Protect plan is designed exclusively for people making international trips to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you have your parents or a family member coming to visit you in the USA, you may want to purchase travel insurance coverage for them and this plan should be considered. If your family member has pre-existing medical conditions, the plan will cover them.

Acute Onset Of Pre Existing Conditions Coverage Explained

Since the plan covers pre-existing conditions, it will allow the visitor to focus more on enjoying their time abroad and worry less about their health care.

Visitors Protect travel insurance is a product of International Medical Group (IMG), one of the most reputable insurance companies and a specialist international travel insurance provider.

There are very limited options in the market for travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing medical conditions. Visitors Protect is an exceptional plan from this perspective, here are some key highlights of this travel insurance plan:

Best Travel Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

Visitors to the United States, Canada and Mexico looking for travel insurance coverage can purchase Visitors Protect Insurance.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

You must enter your destination country legally on the effective date of coverage and pay the applicable premium on or before that date.

Those with a primary residence or citizenship in the following countries will not be able to purchase travel insurance:

Those with citizenship of the following countries who wish to purchase health insurance for the USA cannot purchase this travel insurance plan:

These are purchase restrictions for the 2 US only. Coverage under this travel insurance policy continues even when tourists visit and stay in the states in the USA.

Choosing Travel Insurance: Reviews, Costs & Best Providers

Read the travel insurance policy document carefully before buying health insurance to know all the details, inclusions and exclusions. Limits apply for pre-existing medical conditions coverage.

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition or health problem that an insured person had before the effective date of the policy and for which they received treatment or is currently taking medication.

Each insurance company has its own definition and look back time when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions, it is good to refer to the explanation in the policy document before buying a travel insurance plan.


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