“claiming Your Well-being: Health Insurance Approval And Claims Strategies Down Under” – National EAP is the nation’s leading provider of employee assistance programs and services. We are a confidential, results-oriented resource for employees who are struggling with personal or professional challenges that may interfere with their performance. The clinical background of our professionally trained team, combined with a track record of success in helping people meet and overcome challenges in the workplace, makes us one of the most respected and sought after EAP providers in the United States.

National EAP offers two types of EAP programs: Core EAP and Comprehensive EAP. Each is highly customized after careful consultation with you to assess your needs, budget, organizational scale and unique challenges. Both options include a wide range of offerings, from work-life balance programs to wellness and on-site crisis counseling and more.

“claiming Your Well-being: Health Insurance Approval And Claims Strategies Down Under”

In addition, all members enjoy 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art website at www. which contains content modules that provide a variety of useful information and resources. Among them, you’ll find continuing education programs, monthly webinars, an interactive learning center, wellness and savings centers, as well as self-service points for childcare, elder care, adoption, education, vets, advocates, volunteer opportunities and more.

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Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, National EAP brings special expertise in helping organizations address employee behavioral and mental health issues. This pandemic has resulted in a traumatized employee population. Feelings of fear, anxiety and insecurity are pervasive in the workplace, affecting morale and productivity and sometimes leading to undesirable behaviour. Using a gentle, respectful approach, our hands-on team of experts can quickly intervene, identify problems and get employees back on track, restoring stability and wellbeing to the workplace.

The Core EAP program is delivered electronically, over the phone, and through face-to-face counseling. It is best suited for companies that want to curate the scope of services, choosing the services that are most suitable for their employees. These services include:

The Comprehensive EAP program includes all the components of the Core EAP, but takes employee assistance to a new level. Larger in scope and more strategic in design, the Comprehensive EAP envisions a true partnership. National EAP becomes a virtual part of your team, getting to know your culture from the inside. Now your EAP is not just a set of services, but a strategic management tool. Many clients find that this option, which offers more comprehensive services, provides a greater return on investment because the program is integrated into the structure of your corporate culture, which allows us to work with you to solve a wider range of employee and corporate problems. .

When a tragedy like the coronavirus pandemic strikes at the heart of your organization, you need to act quickly to build resilience. The National EAP is well positioned to provide services specifically focused on crisis intervention and resolution.

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The National EAP can deliver structured group or individual activities both virtually and on-site. They are designed to help people recover from a short-term or long-term traumatic event related to COVID-19 or not related to COVID-19, such as death (eg of a co-worker, family member, friend or patient), separation anxiety from for the need for isolation from sick loved ones (whether they are in a medical facility or not), domestic violence, a threat in the workplace or even a terrorist act.

Mental health therapists trained in crisis situations in the National EAP Program help employees process their experiences and encourage the development of strategies and skills to better cope with the event. Individuals usually respond well to such support, regaining their ability to function productively in the workplace. For those at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), additional support is provided as needed. The National EAP recommends intervention within 24-48 hours after a critical incident occurs, however ongoing intervention and on-site support is recommended for frontline health care facilities and those directly affected by COVID-19.

Administrative referral of high-risk employees (rule violations, excessive absenteeism, substance abuse, decreased productivity, conflict with coworkers, racial or religious bias, etc.) for intensive evaluation, counseling, referral, and supervision. Bi-weekly reports are provided (with members’ consent) to the organization documenting participation and progress. This program helps restore calm, normalize the workplace, and empowers the employee to change offending behavior. It also helps protect the organization from potential liability and reduces employee turnover and disability claims.

The coronavirus pandemic has made reductions in force (RIFs) more numerous and more complex than ever before. The suddenness with which companies must respond to both large and small layoffs has not only practical and psychological consequences, but also legal ones. Therefore, implementing a downsizing initiative requires a deep understanding of how to compassionately yet diligently execute an organizational plan using the foundational principles of emotional intelligence and effective engagement. Your management team will need to build on the skills they already have and very likely new ones they don’t currently possess.

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Emotional intelligence is not new, but its importance is more important than ever. As your team deals with the process of terminating employees, they need to know how to manage the emotions of others and their own. Combining these skills with empathy and avoiding potential conversational landmines is at the heart of a successful force reduction plan.

National EAP has the vast experience to guide your organization through a customized program that will help you treat employees fairly and honestly and communicate information unambiguously to victims, encouraging productive two-way communication. When done right, a RIF plan can preserve your brand and enhance your organization’s reputation.

Working with your leadership team, National EAP develops and delivers a comprehensive program that covers the entire RIF cycle, including pre-RIF planning, 1:1 and/or group support, and post-RIF services. We advise on the timing and distribution of information and often assist with post-RIF interventions, alleviating the uncertainty often felt by remaining employees. This serves to restore productivity and focus and move the organization forward.

National EAP’s certified anger management program helps individuals who are in conflict with employees, peers, superiors, or in their personal relationships by teaching them positive, more appropriate ways to deal with anger and other emotions. Our 12-hour curriculum includes, but is not limited to: improving anger awareness, using calming techniques, improving communication strategies and conflict resolution skills. Participation is confidential under HIPAA and includes 1:1 sessions that can be conducted electronically or on-site.

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The National EAP Mediation Program strengthens communication skills, resolves conflicts between employees, and maintains effective working relationships. It includes up to 8 assessment and mediation sessions and is delivered using mixed modalities that include face-to-face, telephone and video. The process includes an initial consultation to ascertain the feasibility of mediation; individual assessments to assess whether employees are good candidates for mediation; mediation between employees to explore the problem and develop a solution; and the next steps for the relationship to be successfully restored.

Some states, such as New York, have adopted strict sexual harassment laws that require annual training for employees. National EAP is fully versed in government regulations and has all the training solutions you need to keep your business current and compliant. Participants will learn about the prevalence of sexual harassment, behaviors that may be considered harassment, and what to do if they are involved in a sexual harassment situation. It is often used as an intervention-based administrative solution to problematic issues.

For managers and supervisors who may need remediation through coaching, our intervention-based training can change unwanted or inappropriate behavior by making them aware of behavior that falls into the category of harassment. It can also help mitigate lawsuits and protect the organization from problems arising from allegations of sexual harassment.


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