“exploring The Role Of Private Health Insurance In Europe” – In conversations and interactions with business leaders around the world, I am constantly reminded of the enormous impact the private sector has on public health and well-being.

The role of the private sector in improving health continues to emerge and is a central theme in addressing health care challenges. In fact, according to The Edelman Trust Barometer 2022, employees believe their employer is the most trusted of all institutions, at 77%, and they expect CEOs to be “the face of change.”

“exploring The Role Of Private Health Insurance In Europe”

This concept crystallized for me as leaders continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the physical and mental well-being of their employees, family members and communities.

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For example, in May in Davos, Switzerland, 2,500 world leaders and industry experts gathered for the World Economic Forum. United around a theme,

, participants shared insights on the most pressing challenges of our time, including experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, health disparities, climate change, and more.

In my role as co-chair of the WEF Global Health Equity Network, I have been at the forefront of discussions about the potential of public-private partnerships to build new and sustainable systems that support the future of global health and ensure equitable access. to quality. . cares for all people.

Pictured from left to right during the Summit on the Impact of Sustainable Development – Mobilizing Action for Health Equity: Nancy Brown, Executive Director of the American Heart Association; Punit Renjen, Global CEO, Deloitte; Asif Saleh, CEO, BRAC; dr. Ryan Noach, CEO of Discovery Health.

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Deloitte is an example of this. Global CEO Punit Renjen of Deloitte, which has 90,000 employees in India, said the organization is working with the Haryana state government, the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS-Haryana). alleviate the suffering of patients with COVID-19 in the hospital system. Together, they created a program that included an integrated command center, virtual telehealth network, tiered medical infrastructure, outreach/education, and a manual for use in other communities.

“The model has been very successful in helping build the infrastructure to deliver health care during COVID-19 and being replicable and adaptable to other communities. In fact, the same integrated model is now being used to address gaps in primary health care.

A sense of purpose is critical and “starts with trying to change behavior to influence the social and lifestyle determinants of health,” said Dr. Ryan Notch, CEO of Discovery Health.

Noah pointed out that the societal dividend is a healthier population, while the corporate dividend is fewer insurance claims, creating more surplus to reinvest in improving health on the ground.

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During this year’s World Economic Forum Global Health Equity Network strategic session, Deloitte U.S. CEO Joe Ukuzoglu said: “To build a stronger and more inclusive world, we need to bring public and private sector leaders together to shape the future of health equity. “

Dialogue in this area continued with a roundtable of executive directors of the American Heart Association, a leadership collaboration dedicated exclusively to improving the health of employees and communities, who recently met in New York (

Supporting the physical and mental health of workers and their families and leading change to shape the future of healthcare are top priorities for the CEO Roundtable and the private sector as a whole.

Given the tremendous impact of the pandemic on the physical and mental health of employees, participants doubled down on providing affordable health care where and when employees need it most.

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Emphasis on employee health was also a key topic at this year’s FORTUNE Brainstorm Health, where empathy and prioritizing employee well-being were the central topics of conversation.

) said: “I think the employers of choice in the future will be those who invest in the health, well-being and resilience of their workforce.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 90% of the $3.8 trillion in health care spending goes to people with chronic physical and mental health conditions.


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