“forex Trading Strategies For Night Owls In Hong Kong” – CAD/JMD is an exotic currency pair. CAD is the Canadian dollar and JMD is the Jamaican dollar. CAD is the base currency of this pair, while JMD is the quoted currency

NZD/AED is a currency pair where NZD is the currency of New Zealand. On the other hand, AED is the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is an exotic currency pair where the NZD is the first currency and the AED is the second currency. Understanding the NZD/AED Price NZDAED is […]

“forex Trading Strategies For Night Owls In Hong Kong”

If you operate in the commodity market, you need to have an idea of ​​the structure and dynamics of supply and demand for funds. A typical example is oil, which due to the prospects of growth in global demand and the reduction of surpluses between […]

The One Trading Rule That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Many investors are interested in the best way to invest in silver, as silver traditionally resists inflation well and contributes to the return of investors’ portfolios. When all else fails, silver becomes one of the best investment alternatives, just like gold. In today’s article we will analyze various […]

In this article, I want to tell you that this is one of my strategies that works well in real life using the CAD/JPY pair. Why this couple? I chose this pair as an example, but I will show different trading systems using different currency pairs. What is the strategy based on? in […]

The real dollar exchange rate can be determined by the price of a Big Mac in a particular country. “Bourgeois economy” is not an absolutely accurate indicator of monetary disharmony. But this index is set as a global standard, is included in several economic handbooks and is the subject of academic research. This Big Mac Index […]

Investors will always try to diversify their investments to reduce risk. Specifically, look for safe investments that perform better when the rest of the market is falling. Among these safe-haven investments—government bonds, Swiss francs, and others—investors consider gold to be the best. Therefore, you will see […]

Charting Tools In Stock Trading Apps

Today we will talk about what diversification means and about gold as part of a diversified portfolio. Finally, we will analyze what has been happening with gold in recent months and what we expect from it in the coming months. If we want to define diversification, we could do it as a way of investing in different […]

Every day F.X. Analysis May 5 – Best Trading Setups – US Series Event Loop Plugin!

On the front, the ICE US Dollar Index hit an intraday low of 98.64 on Friday before paring losses to end at 99.08. Research firm Markit will release final April manufacturing PMI data for the Eurozone (expected 33.6), Germany (expected 34.4), France (expected 31.5). The Sentix Investor Confidence Index in the Eurozone will […]

The safe-haven metal extended its 4-day winning streak to hit a new 7.5-year high since November 2012 at $1,760, while adding 0.90% on the day, even as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell once dismissed negative evidence . again. The reason for gold’s growth could be renewed tensions between the US and China trade war. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which tracks the value of gems (gold’s biggest nemesis) against major companies, is also on the sidelines at 100.34. The yellow metal is currently trading at 1,761.78 and consolidating in a range of 1,743.02 to 1,764.73.

Expert Insights: Selecting The Best Currency Pairs To Trade At Night

All entrepreneurs always evaluate their business at the end of the year. There is still an element that we never think about and therefore like to forget… How much do we value our time? Although it seems obvious, time cannot be “conserved”. It just passes. Is […]

For most traders, the most difficult aspect of trading is dealing with financial losses. It is not only about pain and anxiety, but also about the latent reality that losses are very often a trigger that prompts traders to make the worst mistakes, which can lead to even bigger losses and trigger severe […]

To be completely honest, we all make mistakes and when it comes to business, we’ve made a lot of mistakes and we’re sure you have too. Some of them aren’t that bad, but some of them are pretty terrible and have pretty much ruined our business. Looking back, we’re sure you’ve made some mistakes in the past, especially if you’re just starting out, that you’re probably not proud of. We’re going to look at some of the terrible mistakes that we and other companies have made in our business careers.

Let’s be honest, we have all traded thinking we will get rich, it is just the hope that many new traders start trading, they have seen all the hype with the immediate but often veiled warnings of the number of people who have lost. money. Because of these ads and people on social media, people think that the business is easy and they will make a lot of money very easily and very quickly, or there are those who know very little about it and see it as a game of chance or risk. to take. . Both of these expectations are based on what they see from the outside, but when we delve into the real facts, things are actually very different than they are in their expectations. We will look at some of the differences between business reality and expectations.

While You Weren’t Sleeping: Trading The Overnight Ses…

When do you tell someone about business and what do you tell people? Most likely, you tell them the best things about the business. These good reasons are why you are in business. These stories that you tell other people create expectations in them about what business is and really is. If you look anywhere on the internet people will talk about how much you can do, how easy it is and how life changing it is, very rarely will you hear horror stories or opposing opinions. It creates certain expectations of people outside the business circle, expectations that don’t quite match the reality of what business is and what it’s about. We will look at some of the reality compared to many people’s expectations and see if the general expectations are correct or if the reality is completely different.

Trading has many advantages over some other methods of trading such as stocks, some of these advantages are the leverage used, the liquidity in the markets and the volatility that the markets can provide. Each of these gives you enormous advantages as a trader […]

The calendar of economic news, also known as the calendar of economic events, plays an important role in the life of every trader and investor in the world, whether it is a small trader who speculates on a personal account or an operator who trades as part of an institutional trading network (institutional operators). . Economic calendar […]


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