“insurance Benefits For Cultural Institutions And Heritage Sites In Europe” – Visit Allianz Benefits We know life has its ups and downs, that’s why we offer our support with competitive compensation, flexible working, health and wellness, holidays parents and easy and hassle-free return to work. At Allianz you can get fantastic, fair and sustainable profits on all our properties around the world.

Compensation – Let’s talk about money. Compensation systems provide incentives for sustainable value by addressing the opportunities and risks associated with economic, environmental and social development. It also ensures respect for basic principles such as honesty and transparency. Get a competitive package that stands out in the market with these offers: • Equal salary based on role and requirements. • Post-employment planning: Access to retirement/savings plans, financial information, eg. financial planning meeting.* • Employee purchase plan.* *In some cases, there are also situations where these policies will be applied according to the requirements of the job/company.

“insurance Benefits For Cultural Institutions And Heritage Sites In Europe”

Health and well-being At Allianzen, we encourage our people to live a healthy life, which we believe is a fundamental requirement for performance at work and in all personal endeavors. Maintaining physical, mental and emotional stability and balance is invaluable, so at Allianz we support a healthy mind and body by offering: Health Coaching Interviews and Webinars Mental Health Training Mental Health Training for Mental Health Managers. Sports and health provide more information *In some cases, there are also cases where these policies apply in accordance with the requirements of the work/company.

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Time and flexibility – Let’s talk about flexibility. At Allianz, we understand the importance of flexibility and we want to achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives. That’s why we offer opportunities and develop work models that give you more freedom when planning and combining your work and leisure. If you’re looking for a flexible, collaborative and agile work environment, we can help with these services: • Flexible work arrangements to help you balance work and personal life. • Full and partial policies. • Onsite offices, hybrid work environments, home office policies, remote work opportunities. • Maternity leave: at least 3 months leave (prenatal and postnatal), with pay up to the limit, for your child, adoption or surrogacy. to the maximum, for your child, your adoption or your surrogate mother.* • Opportunities to do social volunteer work: Opportunities to participate in ESG (environmental) initiatives and activities , social, management) .* ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. according to job/business requirements.

Career development At Allianz, we support and facilitate people development. A successful career at Allianz can include multiple roles in different jobs, countries and sectors. There are no limits to your freedom. Choose your path and choose to develop your career. Opportunities to expand your work experience today and tomorrow with these services: • Strategically focused leadership programs in change, technology, operations, process or finance that enable leaders to move on to new roles. • A positive learning and development environment that encourages all employees to regularly discuss goals, processes and development activities with their supervisors. • Career development programs for non-executive and managerial positions. • Access to training programs.g. LinkedIn Learning, and Degreed, which we recommend you use at least 1 hour per week.* • International environment and professional mobility.* • Access to consulting and development consultancy, e.g. on-the-job training, job training, project work, counseling, etc.* ADDITIONAL INFORMATION *In some cases, these policies may be used in accordance with the requirements of the job/company.

Allianz Global View We are a truly global company and operate on all continents as an international insurer. Whether you are looking for work in Europe, Asia Pacific, America or Africa, we have a global presence. This also means that, with the Globalbenefit standard, we have a country perspective on benefits, as benefit plans can vary greatly between countries.

Enjoy our membership benefits! Check out some of our current work from around the world! Your institution or museum opens its doors to many visitors, so you face a unique risk. Visitors can slip and fall. Credit card information can be stolen. Property damage can affect your museum’s fine art.

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Museum insurance is a form of commercial insurance that protects you against these risks. You can be sure that we are here to answer if your museum collection is damaged.

Having the right insurance is essential to keep your doors open and protect your exhibits. There is no good way to guarantee a museum. It can be a customized coverage package that meets the specific needs of your organization. Museum insurance includes at least property and liability insurance to protect the museum:

It is important that you have a comprehensive insurance plan that deals with different types of risks. Coverage can protect you against “specified perils”. There are also different levels of coverage, such as:

When choosing museum insurance, work with your insurance company or insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage for your institution.

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This coverage helps protect your institution’s property or rental property. It also helps protect the equipment you use to run your home, such as inventory, furniture and appliances. You can tailor commercial property coverage to the specific needs of your institution.

Cover all employees listed on your policy, and you can extend coverage to others if needed.

Professional liability insurance helps protect your institution or museum if you are sued for the services you provide. May include:

If employee or customer information is lost or stolen, Internet Liability Insurance can be used to cover expenses related to:

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We are a provider of workers’ compensation insurance that insures employees against work-related injuries or illnesses. This insurance program also helps reduce your liability for work-related injuries or illnesses.

No extra charge. This allows you to pay for your employee cash policy and can help you manage your money better.

This helps pay for the car you use, rent or borrow from your cultural organization. At no additional cost, commercial vehicle insurance also includes:


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