Insurance Benefits For Film And Media Productions In Europe – It’s the day before production and your team is finalizing every little detail. Your Director of Photography will pick up the camera package, Location will complete city permits, Transpo will receive your rental car, and you will drop it off. submit final data to SAG. Suddenly, everything is put on hold when the four are told they will need proof of insurance to continue.

If you don’t have insurance, you’re stuck and your picture is dead in the water until you can prove you have insurance to cover the rent, health and welfare of your crew, or it will be enough. Or maybe you have proof of insurance but your dealer has told you they need more insurance than you currently have. In any case, you should contact an insurance agent to protect your crew, the customer, and yourself.

Insurance Benefits For Film And Media Productions In Europe

Insurance Benefits For Film And Media Productions In Europe

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A Certificate of Insurance, or COI for short, is proof that you have insurance in case the worst happens. A list of your manufacturing insurance policies with the effective dates and limits of each policy.

Each COI is custom made, written for a “certificate holder” (your apartment, rental property, etc.) and has a field at the bottom where your owner can Be sure to list any special languages ​​for your certificate.

In addition to insurance, each certificate of insurance includes the name and address of your company, the contact information and signature of your insurer, as well as the name and country number of the insurance company. to support your productivity.

COI proves that your production, no matter how big or small, has the backing of a licensed insurer as well as a major insurance company. ready to step in if something happens.

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You need a COI because your production insurance doesn’t just cover you, it can also cover other people and organizations involved in your production.

Some insurance policies are very specific in what they cover and who needs it. This is the case with many inland coasts, such as Rental Equipment (equipment rented from others) and Auto Physical Damage (damage to your rental car). If a camera breaks or your driver hits a fender, your manufacturer’s policy will protect you and the rental company, allowing them to repair or replace their property.

Because of this double protection, the rental company or car rental company will ensure that they have a certificate of insurance before allowing you to pick up the car. rental car.

Insurance Benefits For Film And Media Productions In Europe

This is the case for any of your liability policies – General Liability, Auto, Excess and Workers’ Compensation. These provide protection against your production being affected in other areas if the pizza boy breaks his arm while serving lunch to your crew, or medical bills’ i for another driver if the truck crashes, or they cover health and wellness. -be part of your crew during the dangerous situations of film production.

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These policies start in the millions of dollars and provide a lot of coverage for claims and other losses. For this reason, certificate holders are almost always required to have general liability and multiple liability.

In short, a certificate of insurance protects you and your certificate. This ensures that if you need to file a claim, you have the means to settle that claim in cooperation with the insurance company, protecting your manufacturing company from financial damage. It also promises certificate holders that in the event of a claim, they can rely on compensation for their losses.

Hopefully you won’t qualify of course; but if you do, COI will give you and your partners the assurance that your losses will be paid.

In addition to the contact information for your manufacturing company, insurer and insurance company, a typical manufacturing policy has five different specifications. There is also an important field at the bottom called “Work Details”.

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You can get all five frames, or you can get one or two depending on your production needs. You can learn more about each type of insurance in our basic guide to producing insurance, but here is a brief description of each:

General liability includes third parties involved in your photos as well as certain advertising agencies. This is the backbone of the manufacturing contract.

If you are renting equipment, you should be familiar with the marine section in the certificate of insurance.


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