Dental Insurance Benefits: Smiles Across Europe – APRIL International is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new dental clinics in Singapore to our Asia-wide network of healthcare providers.

As part of our efforts to ensure our members receive high-quality care at affordable prices, our team has reached agreements to add 2 new dentists to our network.

Dental Insurance Benefits: Smiles Across Europe

Dental Insurance Benefits: Smiles Across Europe

Royce Dental Surgery joins our expanding network, offering 10 clinic locations in Central Singapore, with 2 more clinics coming in March 2020. Royce offers a full range of services from routine dental treatments to specialized treatments.

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Members with plans that include dental insurance can now avail their high-quality services at reasonable and affordable rates when they present their APR membership card at the counter. As with all dental expenses, payment must be made on our EasyClaim app.

Dental Forté offers high quality dental services at their clinic located near Velocity Mall in Novena. It is suitable for French travelers or other francophones living in Singapore as they can provide both French and English.

We offer dental insurance as a special benefit on our international insurance in Asia that can be added to your health insurance. You can opt for different levels of coverage for this benefit to maximize coverage and limit benefits.

To avail dental insurance, pay for the treatment and submit your claim through our Easy Claim App or Claim Form and you will be reimbursed instantly.

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All of our APRIL International members in Asia can rest easy knowing that emergency dental care is provided in a timely manner to restore emergency situations.

Dental care can be expensive, especially if you have children in your family at an age where immunizations are needed. Learn more about our dental insurance, part of the MyHEALTH line of insurance products for individuals, families and businesses in Asia. The idea seems to be very useful – while enjoying your dental treatment in a beautiful country while enjoying a relaxing holiday – it is cheaper than dental treatment in your home country. But before you start packing, consider this: Is medical or dental surgery a good idea? What is the quality of treatment I will receive abroad? Will foreign dentists use equipment and products for my long-term treatment?

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about medical tourism so you can make an informed decision about your oral and physical health. So, read on to know more.

Dental Insurance Benefits: Smiles Across Europe

The idea behind medical tourism is straightforward – people with expensive health care travel to countries that offer affordable medical and dental care – with the added benefit of enjoying a vacation in the area, the beauty and the beaches. In fact, all medical expenses, including travel and accommodation, are far less than what they would pay for treatment in their home country.

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Dental holidays are very popular these days. Because the cost of dental treatment in UK and USA is very high. Therefore, people tend to travel abroad to countries that offer less expensive dental care – allowing them to pay for their travel and accommodation while enjoying what the country has to offer.

The country offers high-quality dental services at affordable prices and has beautiful and beautiful tourist destinations that are perfect for a dental vacation. When choosing your dental travel destination, you should prioritize the quality of dental care over the cost of treatment and tourism benefits. Above all, your oral health is as important as your physical health.

When you go out to replace your missing teeth, you want to make sure that the procedure you are considering uses the best dentures with a proven record of safety and durability. During your first consultation or online consultation before you go, you should ask about the manufacturer of the implants – and look online for reviews from patients who have received these products. Unfortunately, some foreign dental clinics tend to lower prices by using low-quality dentures and other temporary materials that are harmful to your health.

Each country has its own health laws and medical education standards. Therefore, the skills and abilities of dentists often vary from country to country. Although the cost of treatment in the UK and USA is higher than in other countries, the quality of dentistry provided in these countries is among the best in the world.

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If you search online for countries that offer dental treatments such as root canals and braces, you’ll find many tourist options that offer dental treatments at a fraction of the cost of treatment in most European countries or the United States. But this option has a drawback, it is cheap. Imagine one of your braces coming out or your aligner breaking; Going out to find a replacement? More importantly, low-cost treatment practices often employ dentists with no clinical experience. So, when you’re trying to save money on a dental holiday, you can pay extra to have your teeth straightened by a specialist in the UK or Ireland – something an overseas dentist can’t do.

Many countries in Europe, Asia and South America offer affordable medical services. As discussed earlier, these processes compromise the quality of dental materials and disease conditions to reduce costs. In addition, many of these settings do not have specialized physicians to treat acute conditions. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it worth the risk – to my oral and general health?”

Many people travel to countries like India, Turkey, Poland, Romania, and Lithuania to buy dentures at low prices – sometimes less than $500. However, before choosing a dental clinic, you should do a thorough research. Make sure they use the best, safe, long-lasting and beautiful dental implants to restore your smile and beauty.


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