Insurance Benefits For European Cultural Festivals And Events – From history to fantasy, and everything in between, there are plenty of French festivals in 2023 to help you experience the country’s best culture.

Whether you call France home or are visiting, festivals are a great way to immerse yourself in French culture. Fortunately, there are many wonderful French festivals to choose from throughout the year. These celebrate everything from kites and lemons to dragons and opera. So if you’re looking for a fun cultural fix, mark your books for these epic events.

Insurance Benefits For European Cultural Festivals And Events

Insurance Benefits For European Cultural Festivals And Events

In fact, giant pigs can fly at the Berque-sur-Mer International Kite Festival. For twenty years, more than half a million spectators have come to see the spectacular display of kites flying over the coastal town of Berque-sur-Mer. Held every year in March or April, the festival sees giant dragons, whales, octopuses and various cartoon characters take to the skies over the sandy beach. The festival hosts the World International Kite Championship every two years. During this season, experts from all over the world compete against the wind – and others.

Green Man Festival

There is enough space on the sand dunes to get a good view. There are plenty of activities and entertainment to keep children of all ages entertained. They can learn to make and fly kites or buy their own kites from many shops. Make sure you reserve the last night of the party. A flying night show and fireworks will close the main event.

The two-week Fete du Citron (Festival of Lemons) in February celebrates lemons in the town of Menton. More than 200,000 visitors marvel at the colorful floats and sculptures made of lemons and limes. During the day, parades of fruit-covered floats wind through the streets, while brass bands, musicians and percussionists entertain the crowds. And at night, 10-meter-high sculptures and patterns made of citrus fill the beautiful Bioves Gardens.

More than 300 experts come together to create displays made of 145 tons of citrus. The quirky festival celebrates Menton’s annual production of specialty lemons and other citrus fruits. So, at the craft fair you will find different types of jams, soaps and perfumes for sale; All made with local lemons and limes. You can drink delicious lemonade by the glass or buy your own lemon tree. There is no doubt that the air smells sweet during this wonderful event.

There is no doubt that movie lovers will want to attend the Cannes Film Festival, the most famous film festival in the world. The red carpet event was hosted by the French Minister of Education and the Arts. He wanted to create an international cultural event in France to compete with the Venice Film Festival. And of course they succeeded. More than 30,000 professionals from all over the world participate in the annual festival.

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It has several actors and directors coming to screen their new releases. He hopes to compete for fame

(Golden Palm) Award. The festival is as much a social event as a professional one. So while most shows are invitation-only, there are still plenty of opportunities to see your A-list favorites. The great outdoor cinema, The

Held every February, the famous Nice Carnival is one of the largest in the world; Along with Mardi Gras in Brazil, Venice and New Orleans. It is the most important event on the French Riviera. Around a million people take to the streets of Nice day and night. They are amazed by the beautiful floats, colorful costumes and amazing parades; Enjoy the carnival atmosphere at all times. More than 1000 dancers and musicians from all over the world performed at the beautiful carnival.

Insurance Benefits For European Cultural Festivals And Events

Each year a special theme is chosen and artists create a series of posters and other images.

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For a colorful array. At night, the floats are lit up for a spectacular parade of lights. Every year a beautiful flower parade is held. Well-dressed people throw 100,000 flowers into the crowd along the Promenade des Anglais. Clouds of confetti and silly strings also fill the air with joy.

For an unforgettable part of medieval France, go to Sedan’s Medieval Festival in May. It was held in the largest medieval castle in Europe

, this festival brings the spirit of the Middle Ages to life. Exciting entertainment deals, great festivals and atmospheric parties take place around the fort grounds. About 15,000 people come to explore this fort. Especially on seven floors more than 35 square meters is certainly enough to excite the imagination. Get ready to climb

Meanwhile, visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment on the grounds of the castle and in the streets of the city. It includes a spectacular parade of warriors, nail-biting sword fights and wrestling, falconry displays and flag-throwing competitions. Visitors can browse hundreds of stalls in the medieval main market and pick up all kinds of handmade souvenirs. Some of the highlights of the festival include a lantern procession through the castle grounds and a realistic display of a fire-breathing dragon. With so much entertainment on offer, this is sure to be one of France’s most popular family festivals.

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Celebrated nationwide on July 14, Bastille Day is the biggest and most important holiday in the French calendar. It commemorates the day when the lower classes and citizens of Paris attacked the Bastille fortress and prison. This sparked the events that ended the monarchy and ushered in an era of freedom, sons and equality. Festivals are held throughout France, including large public events and parties.

However, the best place is Paris. Here the festivities begin on the night of July 13, with many fire stations organizing nightly celebrations. On Bastille Day, a large parade and several free concerts take place in the city. Come night, some of the best fireworks

Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower light up the sky? For a better position and a better view of the show, head to Trocadero Gardens, Parc de Belleville or Champ de Mars. For a bird watcher, Sacre Coeur or Montparnasse Tower are impossible.


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