Insurance Benefits For Sustainable Urban Planning In Europe – In times of rapid urbanisation, Europe is facing increasingly difficult urban challenges, from the global health crisis and the rise of digitization to social inequality, demographic change, climate change and environmental degradation.

To meet these pressing challenges, EU cities must transform and adapt, pushing them to develop creative and innovative capabilities within their competences, funding and resources.

Insurance Benefits For Sustainable Urban Planning In Europe

Insurance Benefits For Sustainable Urban Planning In Europe

In this transformative perspective for cities, the European Union-funded European Urban Initiative (EUI) supports urban areas of all sizes through innovative action, capacity and knowledge building, and policy development and communication for sustainable urban development.

Governing Sustainable Transformations Of Urban Social Ecological Technological Systems

Create and provide opportunities and environments to implement heavy urban strategies. These projects test new planning solutions, methods and models, build capacity and share knowledge in the field of sustainable urban development.

The EUI is rooted in a strong commitment to strengthening the urban dimension of EU policies and the EU’s belief that cities should be involved in the design and implementation of policy measures in response to local challenges.

Are you working in a city authority based in the European Union, do you want to learn from other cities, share experience, or are you looking for funding to tackle a specific urban problem with new and bold solutions?

This new initiative is a vital tool to support cities of all sizes, to build capacity and knowledge, to support innovation and to develop innovative, transferable and scalable solutions to EU-relevant urban challenges.

Offices Around The World

The main principle of the EUI logic is to create an efficient value chain between the various components as shown below.

For the period 2021-2027. objective 5 of the European Integration Policy “Europe closer to the citizens” was introduced as a strengthened commitment to integrated territorial development and the promotion of sustainable urban development.

At least 8% of CFRE resources in each member state must also be invested in priorities and projects chosen by the cities themselves and based on their own sustainable urban development strategies.

Insurance Benefits For Sustainable Urban Planning In Europe

The EUI will also support the multi-level work of the Urban Agenda for the EU and intergovernmental cooperation on urban issues.

Ten Benefits Of Sustainable Construction

During 2014-2020, around 115 billion euros were invested from the cohesion policy funds in cities. Of this, €17 billion was implemented at local level through more than 980 sustainable urban development strategies managed directly by city authorities. Parallel to these significant urban investments, the Urban Innovative Activities (UIA) initiative directly supported cities to try out innovative solutions.

The Urban Development Network (UDN) was created to support dialogue and exchange of information between “Article 7 cities”, Action Cities for Urban Innovation and the European Commission (hereafter “the Commission”).

The URBACT III program enhanced the ability of cities to collaborate and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges by creating transnational networks, learning experiences and identifying best practices to improve policies and strategies for sustainable urban development.

EUI is a new initiative that will build on this past experience by stepping forward to provide consistent support to cities; promote host city-led innovation, exchange of urban knowledge, practices and capacity building.

Sustainable Cities After Covid 19: Are Barcelona Style Green Zones The Answer?

Discover the previous experiments carried out by UIA-funded cities and all the knowledge gained from the implementation of these innovative solutions. Do something for our planet, print this page only if necessary. Even a small action can make a big difference when done by millions of people!

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