Home Appliance Insurance Benefits: European Consumer Insights – From prayer mats to dates and new clothes, Indonesians are sure to start shopping for essentials as Ramadan 2023 approaches. With the weak macroeconomic outlook and declining consumer confidence, you might be wondering what consumer demand will look like during this period.

Uncertainty can adjust average costs to protect your bottom line. But the wrong move can be dangerous.

Home Appliance Insurance Benefits: European Consumer Insights

Home Appliance Insurance Benefits: European Consumer Insights

Research has found that when brands cut back or stop spending during a recession, they risk losing 15% of their revenue compared to competitors who doubled their spending over the same period. Brands that increased their media investment saw a 17% increase in incremental sales.

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To help you build your Ramadan marketing plan with confidence, especially given the economic uncertainty, we identified two key consumer trends in Indonesia and determined a winning strategy to engage Indonesians with their upcoming holiday habits and needs.

With inflation and the rising cost of living, we have seen Indonesians become more cost conscious and want answers to their financial questions. For example, search interest for “harga turun” (prices falling) and “kenapa harga naik” (why prices are rising) increased by 60% and 120%, respectively.

It is clear that Ramadan is the biggest retail window of the year in Indonesia, even during the pandemic. In 2021, spending on food and gifts during the holidays was about 8% higher than at other times of the year.

These reflect an important consumer attitude: Indonesians are willing to spend their valuables without cutting corners.

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Meet the needs of marketers with ad automation and personalized content to help them prioritize your brand during Ramadan 2023.

We found that 48% of retailers spent their Ramadan 2022 budget on festive essentials such as trendy cakes and festivities. Other value and purchases include consumer packaged goods, telecommunications equipment and travel-related items.

More than 50% of retailers bought large-scale goods such as motorcycles, cars and home appliances in preparation for Ramadan before paying for the religious holiday (Tunjangan Hari Raya).

Home Appliance Insurance Benefits: European Consumer Insights

Serving your buyers’ needs quickly and at scale will be a top priority during Ramadan 2023. You can use this part in your ad automation and personalized content marketing strategy.

Adas Standards And Adas Safety Protocols

As people become more conscious of their spending, they spend more time researching before making a purchase.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your brand in mind. Marketing automation solutions can help you deliver campaigns to marketers quickly and at scale, cost-effectively, with information about your offers during Ramadan.

For example, a food and beverage brand that combines relevant broad match keywords with maximum performance can use maximum performance to reach customers across all Google channels, including YouTube, Display, Maps, and Search. It can also achieve cost-effective optimization for the desired business objective, whether it is an increase or a sale.

Another way to be the first choice of buyers during Ramadan 2023 is to meet them at the right time and on the right channel. In Indonesia it is YouTube.

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Indonesian Gen Z viewers agree that YouTube is the #1.1 video platform when deciding what to buy, and 92% of Indonesian viewers are open to advertising or branded content when watching personally relevant videos.

If you want to stand out even more in the scene, work with YouTube creators who specialize in developing content that resonates with viewers. Nippon Paint is a brand that has partnered with YouTube creators and experienced a double-digit increase in sales during Ramadan 2022.

He used YouTube’s Creator Connect program to create engaging video content with popular Indonesian creators including actors Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavin. The real-life couple has more than 24 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, Rans Entertainment, which features light family content.


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