How Much Of Your Annual Income Should Your Mortgage Be – Calculating how much money you make in a year may seem simple. It’s easy to assume that your income is just the salary you receive for your work.

But there is more. The job market is more complex than it used to be, with more people doing contract work than traditional jobs (which usually don’t involve tax withholding).[1] Apart from that, there are other sources of income such as income from a side change or interest from a savings account.

How Much Of Your Annual Income Should Your Mortgage Be

How Much Of Your Annual Income Should Your Mortgage Be

Not all of these types of income have the same impact on your annual income or taxable income, which is before deductions are taken into account. So what is annual income and how is it calculated?

How Much Do I Need To Retire?

Annual income is the total income you earn in a calendar year or fiscal year before taxes and deductions. If you live with a partner or family member, you may need to combine your annual salary and additional income to arrive at what is known as your household income.

You may also hear about “gross annual income” or “gross earnings,” which is the amount you earn in a year before deductions are taken into account.[2] This is your net income account.

A person’s net income is your income after taxes and deductions. This is your original take home pay and what you are left with.

There are three types of income: earned income, unearned income, and ticket income. The key difference is that earned income is compensation for work, while unearned income is generated through other means. Here’s a closer look.

Average Retirement Income: Where Do You Stand?

Earned income is the total amount of money you actively earn while working. (If you’re traditionally employed, the government makes you pay taxes before it’s sent to you. If you’re employed, you must figure out how much you owe and file quarterly taxes.)

You can take the income you earn in the form of wages, salaries, commissions, overtime pay, tips or bonuses. – Work is considered a source of income. So do things like long-term disability and union strike benefits.[3]

Your portfolio income is the income from your investments (in fact, it is sometimes called an investment portfolio). Securities income includes stock dividends, interest, royalties or capital gains from investment property.

How Much Of Your Annual Income Should Your Mortgage Be

Paper income, like capital income, is often taxed at a lower rate than earned income and is not subject to Medicare or Social Security taxes.[4]

Ways To Figure Out What You Need To Earn

Discretionary income, also known as passive income, is money you receive without actively earning it. This is not compensation for services rendered or goods provided. For example, receiving gifts and donations, such as inheritance, can be a source of unearned income. So is spousal support and VA benefits.

Other sources of unearned income include Social Security, welfare, unemployment benefits, lottery or gambling, and donations.[5]

If you know your weekly or monthly income, arriving at your annual income is relatively simple.

To calculate your annual net income, look at your last month’s paycheck and look in the box labeled “Net Pay” to determine your after-tax income. Then multiply it by 12 (for 12 months in a year). If you pay weekly, multiply that by 26.

Calculate Your Income

If you work an average of 40 hours a week or 50 weeks a year, here is a general formula to use to calculate your earned income based on how you are paid.

These numbers may vary depending on the number of hours you work and your hourly wages if you are an hourly employee. Payroll clerks need to look at your pay stubs to calculate your annual salary.

Remember that your salary is only one source of income. To calculate your total annual income, you need to add things like bonus payments, tips, stock dividends, public assistance payments, etc.


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