Insurance Benefits For European Sustainable Packaging Innovations – Businesses, other large businesses, enthusiasts and a growing number of consumers are on a mission to transition to a plastic-free future. It’s a topic that motivates and inspires creatives, engineers, scientists, startup founders and investors to take action. There is a significant increase in the number of companies offering sustainable solutions, and VCs and angel investors are more open to investing in sustainable futures.

The trend goes beyond plastic recycling, it’s about how returning old packaging and alternatives not only contributes to sustainable business, but also changes consumer mindsets and creates a culture of responsible use. Startups focus not only on sustainable products, but also on how to create and deliver innovative and exciting packaging solutions to consumers and businesses.

Insurance Benefits For European Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Insurance Benefits For European Sustainable Packaging Innovations

This week we looked at promising startups working on new and exciting ways to shake up the packaging industry. Here are 10 European startups that will make the classic collection a thing of the past.

P&g Is Accelerating The Scale Of Recycling And Sustainable Packaging

Sulapac is a new fully biodegradable material sustainably sourced from wood and plant-based binders. The material is thoroughly cleaned without leaving permanent microplastic; It can be recycled through industrial composting and processed using existing plastic production machinery. A Helsinki-based startup that will provide biodegradable bulk packaging materials has raised more than $17.7 million. Sulabag empowers innovative companies with a responsible attitude and eco-conscious consumers who value premium design.

Notpla naturally degrades standard packaging solutions made from algae and plants within weeks. Unlike PLA, it can be composted at home and does not harm PET recycling. The London-based startup has raised more than $6.3 million. Their packaging solution, OOH, is designed for liquids and biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, or it can be consumed, making it ideal for portable use. OOH is used for alcoholic cocktails at events, races and other sporting events or events or private events and includes a range of sauces, salad dressings and condiments.

Based in Vienna, Water Drop creates a microbeverage model based on fruits and vegetables mixed in a small tube, adding flavor and vitamins to water without adding sugar. For every drop of water bag sold, one plastic bottle is collected from the environment, saving 30 million plastic bottles so far. The team designed sustainable steel, glass and bamboo bottles using 98% less plastic and CO2 than conventional bottled drinks, aiming to help consumers increase water consumption while reducing single-use plastic bottles.

Founded in 2018, Pulpac specializes in Dry Molded Fiber, a low-cost manufacturing technology for high-performance fiber-based packaging and disposable products. Dry molded fiber using cellulose casting technology is an industrial method that transforms cellulose fibers into packaging, replacing most of the current plastic packaging and disposables. The Swedish dry process offers unique speed, cost and quality advantages compared to existing pulp processing solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Shellworks is on a mission to make plastic waste a thing of the past by developing truly biodegradable packaging solutions. The London-based sustainability start-up creates packaging made from recyclable and biodegradable end-of-life materials. ShellWorks provides end-to-end manufacturing for companies looking for sustainable and scalable solutions. Since its founding in 2018, the group has raised more than €1.1 million to develop this plastic system, which can be easily disposed of without harming the environment.

Calibox is a reusable lunch box project. Founded in 2019, the British startup provides businesses with digital food packaging solutions. Their motto: Take it without giving up. Although recycling is an important aspect of a circular supply chain, plastic can only be reused for a limited time. The Caulibox solution aims to disrupt the urban food industry by enabling consumers and restaurants to switch to reusable packaging, making the process of retrieval, return, washing and collection simpler and easier.

Founded in 2018, Air Up is based on the concept of retronasal smell, which means tasting with the nose. How: The Munich startup has created a unique system of drinking water bottles. when you only drink water, the flavors in the air trick your brain into thinking you’re tasting different flavors. The Air Up team raised more than $17 million to create an Air-Up bottle made from BPA-free Triton. When you drink, fresh air is added to the water, which is filled without sugar, calories and unhealthy additives.

Insurance Benefits For European Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Founded in 2019, IUV is an Italian startup developing a biodegradable formula with natural biopolymers to maintain or improve the freshness, stability, durability, appearance, taste, color and aroma of food. The solutions provided by the technology called COLUMBUS’EGG are divided into two solutions. and single-ply/multi-ply composite papers for packaging and protecting dry, powdered solids under low humidity conditions.

Electrolux Group Launches New, More Sustainable Packaging

BIO-LUTIONS is a Hamburg-based startup with a mission to end the excessive use of petroleum-based plastics and cellulose-based paper in today’s society. The group has raised around €10 million to develop their new and sustainable products and other generic products. By accessing locally available agricultural residues, Bio-Lutions minimizes transport modes and ensures local value creation. Local production makes them and their customers independent of oil and pulp commodity market prices, third party suppliers and international transport.

German startup Traceless, born last year, fights plastic pollution by creating a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. The patent-pending Traceless technology aims to transform agricultural industry residues into new materials: traceless film, traceless plastic and traceless coating. The structures of these advanced equipment are comparable to conventional plastic (bio) while being completely bio-circular, food waste, household biodegradable, harmless in any way and competitively priced.

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