Insurance Cover For Pre Existing Medical Conditions – As attention turns again to the possibility that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could be repealed, millions of people with pre-existing conditions have reason to worry. Among many other provisions, the ACA prohibited discrimination in private health insurance based on health status—insurance companies are prohibited from denying people, charging them more, or modifying coverage to exclude their pre-existing conditions.

What are pre-existing conditions and who has them? As most simply defined, a pre-existing condition is any medical condition that a person has before enrolling in health insurance. A person may have a known pre-existing condition – for example if they know they are already pregnant. People can also apply for cover when they unknowingly have an undiagnosed condition – for example, cancer cells may be growing inside but won’t be diagnosed until months or years later. A pre-existing condition may be mild – such as seasonal allergies or acne treated with simple medications. Or it may be more serious or require more expensive treatment – ​​such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Insurance Cover For Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Insurance Cover For Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Estimates that in 2018, about 54 million US adults (27%) had “declinable” pre-existing conditions that would have made them “uninsurable” in the pre-ACA individual health insurance market. Unfavorable conditions were identified by analyzing the underwriting manuals of health insurance companies. Insurers kept lists of medical conditions for which applicants would routinely be denied coverage. Disease declines included AIDS/HIV, congestive heart failure, diabetes, epilepsy, severe obesity, pregnancy and severe mental disorders. Obviously, not all of those 54 million adults now buy individual health insurance. But the individual market is where people go when they’re between jobs that offer health benefits and ineligible for coverage under a public plan like Medicare or Medicaid. If it reverted to medically-underwritten insurance — as it did in most states before the ACA — those 54 million adults could be uninsured if they were laid off from their jobs and lost their employment-based health benefits.

Does Group Health Insurance Cover Pre Existing Conditions?

Other estimates put the number of older adults with preexisting conditions as high as 102 million, 122 million, or 133 million. In addition to rejection conditions, these estimates took into account conditions that would not necessarily lead to the rejection of an application for individual health insurance at the time, but which could trigger other adverse actions. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is an example of one such common pre-existing condition, affecting more than 33 million adults under the age of 65. A study of medical underwriting practices asked individual market insurers to consider a hypothetical claimant with high blood pressure who also smoked and was overweight. In 60 applications for coverage, this person was denied 33 times (55%); offered a premium policy 25 times (42%) and offered unlimited or premium coverage twice (3%). Travel insurance for a pre-existing condition is a good choice for international travel because without health insurance, international travel can be very risky. Most travelers assume their standard medical plan covers them, but they don’t. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s even more complicated.

Most domestic health insurance plans do not cover international travel. Avoid health insurance uncertainty with the right international travel insurance.

Visitors Protect covers international visitors to the US, Canada and Mexico. This temporary travel health insurance covers pre-existing conditions so you can relax and enjoy your international trip.

Visitors Protect is a plan from International Medical Group (IMG), a well-known and respected travel insurance provider.

Critical Illness Insurance: What Is It? Who Needs It?

Let’s look at this travel insurance plan in detail and understand its benefits, scope, exclusions and cost.

The Visitors Protect plan is exclusively for people traveling internationally to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

If you have parents or a family member coming to the US, you may want to purchase travel insurance for them and should consider this plan. If your family member has pre-existing medical conditions, the plan will cover them.

Insurance Cover For Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Since this plan covers pre-existing conditions, it will allow the visitor to focus more on enjoying their stay abroad and worry less about their health care.

The Ins And Outs Of Pre Existing Conditions

Visitors Protect Travel Insurance is a product of International Medical Group (IMG), one of the highly respected insurance companies and a specialist international travel insurance provider.

There are very limited options in the market for travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing medical conditions. Visitors Protect is an exceptional plan in this respect, here are some key points of this travel insurance plan:

Visitors to the United States, Canada and Mexico looking for travel insurance can purchase Visitors Protect insurance.

You must enter the destination country lawfully on the insurance effective date and pay the applicable premium on or before that date.

Disability Insurance & Pre Existing Conditions

People with primary residence or citizenship in the following countries will not be able to purchase this travel insurance:

Citizens of the following countries who wish to purchase US health insurance cannot purchase this travel insurance plan:

These are purchase restrictions for these 2 US states only. Coverage under this travel insurance policy continues even when tourists visit and reside in these US states.


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