Travel Insurance For Equestrian And Horseback Riding Adventures: Dallas’s Riders – The Dude Ranchers’ Association recommends the best horseback riding vacations in North America. At one of these carefully selected ranches for guys and guests, groups will enjoy horseback riding and all kinds of outdoor adventures during a short stay of three or four nights or a full week immersed in a western riding destination. With an all-inclusive stay, guests have everything, including accommodation, meals and activities. With preserved and restored cabins and lodges that were built decades ago, guests can enjoy horseback riding in a unique western setting. No wonder ranch vacations have been popular since the early 1900s!

At these ranches, guests have a horse personally selected according to the abilities and personality of each person. Because riding is a daily or twice-daily activity, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of trails in the mountains and plains of the sparsely populated West. And after guests are out of the saddle, there are always plenty of options, like lounging by the pool, fly fishing on private lakes and streams, strolling to scenic vistas, or shaking off worries on the front porch in a classic rocking chair.

Travel Insurance For Equestrian And Horseback Riding Adventures: Dallas’s Riders

Travel Insurance For Equestrian And Horseback Riding Adventures: Dallas's Riders

Best Horseback Ranches for Your Next Vacation Crossed Sabers Ranch – Cody, Wyoming 2.2 million acres of riding all day

Top Five Places To Go Horseback Riding In The Mountain State

The charming Crossed Sabers Ranch is one of the oldest ranches in the country, located outside of Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park, for guests looking for a little getaway. This is a family run company that specializes in individual horseback riding for individuals or groups of up to 30 people. Experienced sportsmen take guests out on well-trained and reliable horses, regardless of whether they have years of riding experience. Each horse is selected specifically for each guest to match not only the character, but also the ability to ride. The ranch offers lessons for those who want to receive individual riding instruction in the comfort of the arena. There are short morning and afternoon drives or full day drives into the 2.2 million acre Shoshone National Forest for guests to enjoy truly spectacular scenery.

High in the Snowy Range of the Rockies, the Medicine Bow Lodge Adventure Guest Ranch offers exactly what its name suggests – adventure. With a very diverse riding program, each guest can decide what adventure they want to have. Beginners will grow more confident with each ride at their own pace with a personal rider. With this instruction and getting to know your trusted horse, the horses will earn the newbies’ trust within a week. Experienced guests can ride the high-speed rides, jumping and trotting through the mountains of Wyoming. The ranch offers day rides and even an overnight trip into the hills. There is also something for kids of all ages to do at the ranch. Children 5 and under will be shown around the ranch and taught how to care for the horses, and ages 6 and up can go on the trail. Here, families can literally ride off into the sunset on the aptly named Sunset Ride.

On the border of Wyoming and Colorado, Focus Ranch is a working cattle ranch that invites guests to experience authentic ranch living while on vacation. At this ranch, “cowboy” is both a noun and a verb. Horse riding here involves managing the health and grazing regime of the heart and soul of the ranch – the cattle. The ranch can adjust the length and speed of the rides to accommodate a wide variety of riders, and the work to be done changes throughout the summer. One of the most exciting endeavors for guests is to move the entire herd of 1,300 yearling cattle from one pasture to another within three days! This happens several times during the season. Sometimes the guests like it so much that they can hire you to work at Focus Ranch!

Badger Creek Ranch is located in an area rich in natural beauty and history. This area was well traveled by Ute Indians, Spanish conquistadors, pioneers, miners and cowboys of the Old West, but it is now inhabited by relatively few people. Photographers enjoy secluded trails in the mountains and meadows of Colorado. The working cattle farm also offers guests a ride with a team of cowboys to inspect the fence, treat and sort the cattle. Before setting off, guests begin their relationship with their horse from the ground up, following the natural riding experience, and continue in the saddle in what can only be described as a photographer’s dream.

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Nine Quarter Circle Ranch is not only the ultimate family destination with luxurious log cabins, activities for all ages, and delicious food, but it’s also a place for unforgettable horseback riding. The ranch boasts a herd of 120 Appaloosa horses that were born and will live on the ranch their entire lives. It’s an unusual feature of the ranch dudes to know the entire history of each of their horses. Their selective breeding program is a reflection of the Appaloosa breed, chosen for their hardiness, sweet temperament and suitability for mountain riding. Each spring, a new crop of foals are born at the ranch, and guests enjoy watching the new foals jump and frolic around the ranch. These horses will later be trained and added to their pack of riding horses.

Want to learn more about a specific type of ranch? Check out the Dude Ranchers Association’s working ranches, luxury resort ranches, and family ranches.

We use cookies to improve your website browsing experience. By closing this banner or interacting with our site, you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy. When you arrive in Reykjavík, you will instantly feel the charm of the European coast and start seeing colorful houses, street art and amazing murals. (Photo: David Mark)

Travel Insurance For Equestrian And Horseback Riding Adventures: Dallas's Riders

Experienced riders, this is your chance to ride a horse like no other in a country perfect for riding! Galloping along the beaches…

Our Guide To Travel Insurance For Horse Riding Holidays

You’ll recharge your batteries on the rides, relax while soaking in the hot springs, and be glad you made new friends who love riding as much as you do!

Grow with new friends! The wind, landscape and open tracks are perfect for a fast ride!

The smoky, vast and inviting milky blue Blue Lagoon will be the perfect end to an unforgettable week. Enjoy the deep dive and take some pictures of yourself and your friends. (Photo: Carol Coleman)

These adventures are made for women who love exercise and want to be on the go! You should be prepared for routes that include (but are not limited to): all-day mountain biking, 5-8 mile hikes on moderate to steep trails, high altitude activity, or skiing. Learn more about activity levels.

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Welcome! Welcome to Iceland, a geological wonderland so wild and spectacular that it sets an unparalleled standard for adventure—for every generation. Experience the unbridled joy of riding in Iceland on our version of the pony express, which travels through volcanic landscapes covered in wildflowers! Gallop along beaches and ride an Icelandic horse to explore glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls, learn about Iceland’s history and discover Reykjavík’s vibrant foodie scene.

Upon arrival at Reykjavík Airport, meet your guide and the ladies who will join you for this amazing week of active adventure, food and fun. In the charming capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, you will explore the sights on foot and enjoy tasting local cuisine.

You will fall in love with your Icelandic horse at first sight. This iconic breed is best known for its comically shaggy coat and long mane, although experienced riders also praise it for its famous smooth gait, a fast but very smooth trot or “tolt”. Although he is known for his explosive acceleration and speed; it is also convenient for ground cover. There is considerable variation in gait style, and therefore the Telt is compared to similar lateral gaits such as the Saddlebred Stand, the Paso Fino Largo, or the Tennessee Walking Horse’s running gait. Like any other lateral stride, the stride pattern is the same as the walk, but differs from the walk in that it can be performed at a variety of speeds, from the speed of a typical brisk walk to the speed of a regular canter.


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