Travel Insurance For International Adoption: Dallas’s Expanding Families – First, we encourage you to click here to fill out our free online form to connect with an adoption specialist who can provide more in-depth detail about adoption insurance.

As you continue through the following information, we will break down the top adoption professionals in the United States, what (if any) financial protections they offer. We’ve included different types of professionals who specialize in different types of adoption to give you a sense of how different organizations provide financial protection for adoption (or not).

Travel Insurance For International Adoption: Dallas’s Expanding Families

Travel Insurance For International Adoption: Dallas's Expanding Families

Based on a review of publicly available information, there is one agency that stands out above the rest with a truly financial program for adoption disruption.

Adopting A Grandchild

If an adoption disruption occurs—which national research shows happens in 10-25% of all adoptions—adoption disruption insurance returns your money or, in some cases, rolls it over so you can continue to pursue your dream of parenthood through adoption without repaying fees.

So, of the top domestic adoption agencies in the US that provide financial protection for adoptive families, and who doesn’t?

To give you the most accurate information, we researched the top adoption agencies looking for insurance and protections to help families lose money when an adoption disruption occurs.

With over 30 years of experience completing adoptions, American Adoptions offers a host of proprietary services, support and protections., a website that specializes in providing adoption and foster care information, ranks American Adoptions as the nation’s largest domestic adoption agency.

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When it comes to adoption disability insurance, they stand above the rest because they are the only agency that offers real financial protection.

American Adoptions provides public information explaining the details of how this program works and verified data on how much it has saved families ($4.6 million since 2009). This was unique in our review of agencies and the adoption disruption insurance they do (or don’t) offer.

In the event of an assumption disruption, your money will be returned to you to pursue another opportunity without additional costs or take a break with a full refund before you continue your journey.

Travel Insurance For International Adoption: Dallas's Expanding Families

That level of protection gives families peace of mind knowing their financial investments are safe and protected against unfortunate and unexpected disruptions.

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We understand how much of a commitment adoption is for adoptive families, which is why we have put the best protections in place, such as adoption insurance for adoptive families who invest emotionally and financially in the adoption process.

You can contact American Adoptions by clicking here for their online form or by calling 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with a specialist to learn more.

Angel Adoption, a domestic adoption professional who works as an independent contractor, does not provide financial protection or insurance for adoption. When it comes to adoption finances, this agency has a financial page for adoptive families.

The costs associated with adoption can be too much for many families to handle on their own, and adoption loans can be a viable option. But adoption funding and financial protection are not the same thing.

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If you​​​​are an adoptive family looking for information about protecting your finances, it can be worrying not to find information about adoption insurance. While it’s possible that Angel Adoption has some form of malpractice insurance, we couldn’t find any public information to support that.

When it comes to financial protections for adoptive families like yours, we could not find any type of adoption insurance or protection program.

Most of their adoption financial information revolves around providing a financial coach and links to loans and grants to help adoptive families finance their journey.


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