Defensiveness Is The Process Of Protecting Your – Protect your ego. It’s an understandable reflex. Naturally, we want to protect ourselves and live well.

But, instead, our efforts to protect our egos often make us childish or lose our human dignity.

Defensiveness Is The Process Of Protecting Your

Defensiveness Is The Process Of Protecting Your

For example, let’s say I was talking to Becca and said, “I think Elliot has B.O. and you need to take a shower more often!” Let’s say Elliot heard me and got mad.

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I can be distracted, make excuses, and do all kinds of sports. It is a form of self-defense or self-defense. I can say, “Well, I’m not wrong. They have a B.O. Or, “They shouldn’t have listened to my talk at all.” Or, “Well, Jodi told me Elliot called me lazy last week.”

But it turns out I was wrong in this case. It would be better to apologize and stop talking bad to other people. But this is very difficult for many people. And usually because of the black and white we have ourselves.

Have you ever tried to ask someone to change their behavior because they are doing something wrong and they still insist, “But I’m a good guy!”? The reality is that if you ask them to change their behavior, they will do something bad or worse. If they do something wrong, they are not “good”. And that makes them the “bad guy” on many logical lines.

Another variation: “I’m not ignoring your feelings; I am a good mother. “Or,” What I said was not discrimination;

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The truth is that all people, even good people, are capable of harming others. We all make mistakes. We all have behavioral patterns that we need to change. Everyone did something thoughtless or selfish that hurt someone else. This does not mean that none of us are beautiful or good.

And being kind means not hurting people. So we find every reason to blame another for having special reasons to blame us for hurting him.

When we do mental exercises and make up excuses and lies, most people get it anyway. In the end, we show ourselves not only to have made a mistake, but to have lost our integrity. And we end up making ourselves feel bad by spending time and energy looking at our own lies and nonsense.

Defensiveness Is The Process Of Protecting Your

The main thing is to develop a healthy and balanced life. We will never stop making mistakes or hurting others unintentionally.

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But we can develop our awareness and self-awareness to be strong enough to accept the challenge of owning our mistakes.

Forgiveness sets you free. It frees us from our irrational desires and the mental gymnastics required of us to be irrational. We can stop believing that a mistake makes us a bad person.

We cannot control whether people choose to forgive us or how others perceive us. We can’t always have the closure we want. But we can make wise choices about our values ​​and focus on controlling our actions instead of explaining them.

In the end, we will feel better about ourselves, help others feel better, and respect those we respect.

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The author, Alex Kestrel, is a nursing student pursuing a degree in psychology and behavioral psychology and has studied gender and women’s studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Questions can be shared with Oleksii at

Alex Kestrel is a registered nurse, majoring in psychology and behavior, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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