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Business is an important part of any economy. A company involved in the international trade of goods needs insurance to protect itself against the risks associated with moving goods or goods from one place to another.

“exploring Marine Insurance Benefits In European Maritime Economies”

These insurance products are available to consumers through a variety of providers, from specialized insurance companies to wholesalers. For many businesses, warehouses or equipment may need to be stored or moved between locations, sometimes by other businesses. In these cases, insurance can be taken out to protect the goods during transport by road, rail, sea or air.

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Any business importing or transporting goods within the UK or abroad can benefit from the peace of mind this insurance policy provides. These can include international buyers and sellers, contractors, e-tailers, exporters, anyone with an obligation to move goods from one country to another.

Property insurance is a subset of marine insurance. It provides protection against property loss, theft and damage on any road, rail, sea or airport network. Property insurance covers all types of damage or loss that may occur, from your containers to boats and flammable containers. It ensures the quality of the goods being transported and is designed to protect against any loss that may occur.

Before purchasing cargo insurance, it is important to understand the customs of the goods you are shipping, especially in terms of packaging. Wrapping is what will protect your goods in transit. It is important to consider whether the package will provide adequate protection during the trip.

It pays to mark or label your packages so they can be easily identified. If the packages contain labeled items such as clothing, the label should not be displayed on the package as it attracts unnecessary attention and poses an additional risk to your property.

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Earlier, we mentioned property insurance in the list of additional protection for products. The most important point to note here is that property insurance protects the carrier and property insurance protects the buyer.

If you are a buyer or seller who wants to ship products internationally, shipping insurance will not cover you.

If the cargo ship has a fire or accidental damage or loss, the carrier can declare a total loss. When this happens, all owners of the ship may have to pay a share of the total cost. If this unfortunate event occurs while your cargo is still on board, there is a good chance that your cargo will not be released until the full amount of the deposit and security deposit is calculated. , which can be a long, expensive and difficult task.

Insurance and incoterms are very important. Incoterms determine which of the two parties is responsible and liable for potential risk during transport and insurance payment, while assessing when the risk passes from the organization one to another.

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Incoterms should be clearly stated in any international sales agreement so that both parties know who is responsible for what and when.

Property insurance specifically covers the supplier’s liability for any damage or loss of the customer’s property during their care that must be caused by the supplier’s negligence to delay the claim. However, even if your claim is successful, the amount you will get back is limited.

Cargo insurance coverage is calculated based on the total weight of the shipment. It is also calculated as a percentage of the seller’s fees for the goods they pay for and passed on to the buyer as an expense that will already be included in their budget.

Cargo insurance is a must if you want to cover the full value of your shipped goods. As mentioned above, the responsibility of the buyer or seller is determined by the applicable incoterms of the international sales agreement.

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One of the most common types of marine cargo insurance is known as MCT (Marine Cargo Transit) insurance. This is only cargo insurance for goods shipped by sea and protects your goods against any maritime risk.

The terms of your property insurance will be set out in your provider’s policy, which you should read carefully, and the application process will be set out in your insurance contract documents. We recommend that you read all the risks associated with taking out property insurance policies.

For any property claim to be valid, it must be submitted within the time limit set by the insurance company, if applicable. In the case of goods with visible damage during shipping by sea, a claim for damage must be made at the time of receipt of the damaged goods, while any hidden damage that has occurred must be claimed within three days a operation since unloading. goods.


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