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Environmental insurance costs small businesses an average of $223 per month. The price depends on the risk of environmental damage or pollution caused by your business.

“environmental Pollution Insurance: Addressing Liabilities In Europe”

Our numbers are derived from the median price of policies purchased by consumers. The average offers a better estimate of what your business will pay because it excludes high and low income.

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Many small business owners obtain debris coverage by adding it to their existing general liability policy, which often does not include this coverage. Your premium will vary depending on whether you purchase it as a standalone policy or add it as an endorsement to your liability coverage.

While small business customers pay an average of $223 per month for environmental liability insurance, 38% pay less than $150 per month and 29% pay between $150 and $300 per month. Costs vary for small businesses based on the risks and geographic boundaries they choose.

The cost of a pollution liability policy depends on specific business factors. One of the most important is if your business handles dangerous goods or is likely to come into contact with them.

The insurance company will consider this information and other important information about your business when preparing your tax return, including:

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The location of your business plays an important role in determining the value of your property, as it affects the types of claims you may face during a site contamination incident.

Whether it’s near a residential, commercial, or industrial area, the value of nearby real estate can have a significant impact on your pollution liability, and the cost of dealing with any emissions.

If you are in an industrial or former industrial area, or a location known to be a contaminated site, such as a brownfield site, hazardous waste site, or industrial waste site, you may be more eligible.

If your business is located near residences, this can also be an important factor because it increases the possibility of property damage, expensive cleaning costs, third-party claims from property owners, and costs, legal protection.

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Your insurance may be more expensive if there is physical damage, or if neighboring properties experience a business interruption and you claim a loss of income.

The type of company you are with will give the insurance company an idea of ​​how likely you are to face a pollution insurance claim and how expensive it will be.

If your business has storage tanks or deals with industrial chemicals and liquids, this will have a direct impact on your income.

In the construction industry, for example, you may be dealing with asbestos remediation, paint remediation, or any number of environmental claims. General contractors and other contracting professionals often get this coverage called contractor pollution liability (CPL) insurance.

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Some small business owners may decide to purchase environmental liability insurance as a backup policy. In this case, the company’s environmental responsibility risk and local needs play a major role in determining the price of a policy.

For example, if an exploration contractor sometimes works on sites that already have production or production facilities, they may find it important to protect themselves against any unforeseen events with an insurance policy.

To determine the price, the insurance provider will consider the contractor’s liability exposure and the potential risk of facing legal action for the release of pollution accidents or environmental damage.


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