Insurance Benefits For European Social Impact Organizations – As an occupational safety policy for the group as a whole, an occupational safety charter was drawn up, which consists of the basic principles of occupational safety and the occupational safety policy with the aim of creating a safe and healthy working environment. Based on this charter, we determine the priorities for our activities and set action plans. As a basic plan for certain activities, he formulated the Fundamentals of the Work Safety Plan, which he strives to implement with the goal of reducing the number of significant injuries at work to zero.

Has established a sales promotion structure based on the occupational health and safety management system led by the president. In addition, important health and safety issues are reported to the board and reviewed as necessary.

Insurance Benefits For European Social Impact Organizations

Insurance Benefits For European Social Impact Organizations

In the group, we have built and implemented an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, the international standard for occupational health and safety. Among the duties of the OHSMS, we perform risk assessment and perform activities to eliminate or mitigate risks such as “exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents,” “tasks that are physically demanding of workers,” and “validation and safety assessment of production machinery.” In addition, we work hard to manage public health, and we also strive to ensure a safe, healthy and fair working environment for all our employees, which, among other things, ensures clean water and sanitation.

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We develop activities locally that comply with the RDA, which is also an international standard for CSR. In each country or region, we clearly post health and safety information at our facilities in employees’ native languages ​​or a language they can easily understand, and we provide education and training. Initiatives that ensure preparedness for emergency situations are another series of our activities. We have procedures in place to respond to any emergency that may arise and conduct evacuation drills assuming such an emergency has occurred.

Unfortunately, in the 2022 financial year, there was a fatal electric shock accident at the group’s plant in India. In relation to occupational accidents and fires that have occurred in the Group, including the aforementioned accident, we have analyzed the situations in which the accidents occurred and their underlying causes, and we have strengthened our countermeasures accordingly. We make further efforts to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents by sharing information across the group.

In addition, we are working to further strengthen the level of health and safety management throughout the group by establishing regional health, safety and environment promoters (EHS coordinators) for Japan, China, the ASEAN region, Europe and the Americas, who conduct internal audit factory safety audits and sharing best practices at safety and environmental protection meetings.

Began the global implementation of experiential safety training based on the concept of “see, listen and feel” by the Safety Training Center established at Nikaho Factory South in the Akita region of Japan in 2017.

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We take initiatives to raise awareness of our employees’ safety. These include the establishment of an EHS training center in 2020 at (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd., one of our manufacturing sites in China, and the establishment of a safety training center in April 2022 at our Mikumagawa plant.

In addition, in response to recent factory fires in Japan and abroad, the Group is conducting fire safety inspections around the world and taking steps to reduce fire risks.

The total number of employees in Japan who have received training at the Security Training Center is now 10,438 (1,537 in FY2022).

Insurance Benefits For European Social Impact Organizations

The company considers the health of its employees and their families a top priority. We recognize the creation of a safe, healthy working environment as a key management issue that enables employees to perform their duties in the best working conditions. We will take measures to ensure that such an environment is created.

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To maintain the health of our staff, we not only conduct regular employee medical examinations, but also have industrial physicians, health maintenance technicians and dentists working at our main locations, creating an environment where employees can address their health concerns and perform daily dental care. surveys reviews.. The Salary Workers’ Health Insurance Association has organized an external service that offers telephone health consultations 24 hours a day, in addition to implementing various initiatives such as the “Health Challenge Campaign” to support the improvement of employees’ lifestyles.

In the Akita region, the company implements a total health promotion (THP) plan, mainly through its health management centers. With this program, which offers employees health guidance and exercise programs tailored to their individual needs, we raise awareness of health-related topics such as the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, in the 2019 financial year, we set up a committee to promote the health management project, which consists of people from the company, the health insurance association, occupational health workers and the trade union. The committee will examine various proposals and develop health promotion activities.

In addition to general health management, we take an active interest in mental health issues, a topic that has become a focus of social concern in recent years. We have implemented a “return to work support program” that includes measures to facilitate rehabilitation and enable a smooth transition for returning employees. To increase the availability of counseling centers, we have also established mental health counseling centers in major locations where experts work, and we conduct periodic seminars on mental health for employees.

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Starting with the 2017 financial year, stress checks are carried out to assess individual employees’ stress levels and prevent psychological problems. Through stress checks and various forms of training, the goal is to create a dynamic workplace where every employee can effectively handle stress. Vol. 7 August 2023 18 August 2023 BST Why should we invest in health? Evidence from second-order lenses for health benefits

Francis DL, Dumka N, Kotwal A, PK D. Why should we invest in health? Evidence from second-order lenses for health benefits. Journal of Global Health Reports. 2023;7:e2023059. doi:10.29392/001c.85124

Life expectancy and access to health care have increased globally in recent decades, and these innovations have significantly improved well-being. As a result, healthcare reforms are increasingly becoming a major issue in all countries to address/increase the availability, affordability and availability of quality services as well as improve cost-effectiveness. There are many proven benefits secondary to the health benefits of these programs. However, the benefits of second-tier health plans receive little attention and are rarely discussed in mainstream policy and practice. The article is intended to contribute to broader initiatives to recognize health programs as critical to achieving equitable and inclusive development that benefits the whole of society. The logical framework technique was used to analyze the benefits of second-level health programs. Primary and secondary objectives, methods, outcomes and effects were compared. In addition to the health programs’ own goals, the analysis revealed wide-ranging benefits such as employment opportunities, local partnerships with local communities, reduction of inequality and impact on socio-economic development at the population level, empowerment of women, increased literacy and completion of schooling. rates and reduction of own expenses. The economic impact of investing in health systems through the creation of high-quality jobs and the purchase of goods and services from local businesses is underscored by the secondary health benefits that outweigh the primary benefits. Not only do health systems play an important role in the national economy, but also in the social life of these communities.


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