Exploring European Pension And Retirement Insurance Benefits – Subsidies for groceries and food. platoon member. Medicines for fertility. Modern perks and benefits are regularly used to keep employees happy. But the strategy of leveraging employee benefits isn’t new. No. 13 C. Caesar Augustus paid pensions to veterans.

Augustus was trying to prevent his soldiers from rebelling. Instead, today’s leaders are seeking benefits to attract and retain talent.

Exploring European Pension And Retirement Insurance Benefits

Exploring European Pension And Retirement Insurance Benefits

As companies around the world expand and refine their benefits to appeal to today’s job seekers, here’s an unprecedented look at the evolution of some popular benefits.

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Some religions have provided at least one day of rest each week since before recorded history. But business leaders have long ignored this age-old wisdom. For example, Andrew Carnegie gave steel workers a day off. . . Every year – July 4th, American Independence Day. It’s no wonder that with the grueling 12-hour day, employees don’t line up to visit the library he’s funded.

The United States has never allowed paid time off, but many workers eventually decide to be more productive. Even President William Howard Taft proposed in 1910 that everyone should get two or three months of vacation.

Taft said, “The American people have discovered that there is such a thing as depletion of capital, human health, and the Constitution”.

Taft’s idea never materialized as it was not to the liking of many industry leaders and other political leaders (perhaps the homeowners themselves). But in the early 1900s, some employers believed that workers who were locked up all day needed breaks to be more productive. For example, department stores in the 1920s took their employees to the beach or to seaside vacation camps. In 1926, automobile manufacturer Henry Ford reduced the working hours of his pioneering line from 48 to 40 hours. Because Ford believed it would increase productivity and increase the number of customers it could build cars at the same time.

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In Nordic countries, vacation time is more acceptable if not allowed. For example, unions started the Swedish Pay Movement in 1938.

Among OECD countries, the United States is the only country that does not grant workers a minimum number of vacation days, and vacation-friendly countries include Chile (15 days of annual paid leave), Luxembourg (26), and the United Kingdom (28). ), New Zealand (20) appears to have more of Taftin’s view.

Freelancers today are experimenting with unlimited vacation policies as well as mandatory vacations to give their employees R&R.

Exploring European Pension And Retirement Insurance Benefits

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The concept of severance pay dates back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers received a lump sum (about 13 times their annual salary) in exchange for service. Legend has it that Augustus Caesar believed that veterans could rebel against the Empire, but paid veterans decided not to threaten his rule.

In England, a limited number of civil servants received pensions in the 17th and 18th centuries. The first private pensions came from government-linked corporations, such as the Bank of England (which began its scheme in 1739).

In the US, the concept took some time to gain traction in the private sector. In 1875, the American Express Company established America’s first corporate pension system. It has been open to more than 60 employees who have been with the company for 20 years. Big players in other industries have followed suit, providing effective ways to keep employees engaged.

The United States Congress passed the Income Tax Act in 1978, which includes a 401(k) section that provides employees with a tax-exempt way to defer compensation from bonds or stock options. He paved the way for Johnson Company guru Ted Benna to create the first 401(k), a tax-deductible retirement savings plan.

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Life insurance may not be attractive to office workers who do not face day-to-day risks, but it has long been a major incentive for scammers. The modern concept originated in ancient Rome, where when a soldier died, a funeral club covered funeral expenses. Later, seafarers and merchants who faced the dangers of destroying marine life used burial societies as a form of protection.

Without life insurance, in some communities, there isn’t much choice other than “passing on mother and child” to support the deceased’s family. However, occupational accidents are common, as are individual life and mutual insurance policies.

Montgomery Ward & Company, a Chicago-based mail order company, was the first to offer employer-sponsored life insurance in the United States in 1912. This insurance was intended to encourage workers to stay longer to protect the health of their families. An official at the time said, “The employee’s wife understood that leaving her company was the end of her insurance, and she used her influence to keep her job.”


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