Insurance Benefits For Cross-europe Clean Transportation Networks – EU countries and industry are working together to prepare large-scale deployment of 5G corridors for connected and automated mobility on European transport routes.

The deployment of cross-border 5G corridors along transport routes across Europe is expected to contribute to the green and digital transformation of the EU’s economy and society. In particular, connected and automated mobility (CAM) enabled by 5G is seen as an important factor for improving road safety, optimizing road traffic, reducing CO₂ emissions and industrial competitiveness in both transport and mobility.

Insurance Benefits For Cross-europe Clean Transportation Networks

Insurance Benefits For Cross-europe Clean Transportation Networks

The Commission recognized the key role that 5G cross-border corridors play in both the European Digital Ten-Year Strategy and the Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility. The 5G corridors are also one of the multinational projects (MCP) identified in the Digital Decade Strategy and are therefore one of the most important strategic investment areas of the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

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To prepare for the large-scale deployment of 5G corridors, Member States, industry and the Commission have joined forces in recent years to carry out 5G-capable CAM tests and trials, with support from Horizon 2020 under the programme. 5G public-private partnership.

The European Union Digital Program (CEF) for the period 2022-2027 will provide financial support for the large-scale deployment of 5G corridors, with a planned budget of around 1 billion euros for this period. The first multiannual work program for 2021-2025, approved on 16 December 2021, emphasizes the deployment of cross-border sections along 5G corridors. The first CEF calls were launched in January 2022.

As part of the European Commission’s 5G Public Private Partnership, the EU supports 7 cross-border 5G corridor test projects for large-scale testing of 5G-enabled CAM solutions, which are co-financed under Horizon 2020. The 7 projects, launched in November 2018 and September 2020, were 5G trial technology applied to CAM on cross-border sections of highways, railways, waterways and ports in 11 borders:

In 2017, following a letter of intent signed on the occasion of Digital Day in Rome and a roundtable on connected and automated driving (CAD) in Frankfurt, member states and industry agreed to create a pan-EU cross-border 5G network. corridors. On this basis, a large number of member states and regional authorities have signed and/or announced bilateral agreements on test corridors.

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The first series of CEF digital calls was published in January 2022 and will lead to the launch of an early wave of implementation projects, as well as initial studies to prepare for the launch of a larger wave of implementation projects in 2023.

Overall, thanks to the support of enhanced cross-border cooperation and support from EU funds for research and innovation, a new map of cross-border 5G corridors is gradually taking shape in Europe.

The Commission has launched the second group of calls for proposals within the Facilitation of Europe’s Digital Connection.

Insurance Benefits For Cross-europe Clean Transportation Networks

The Intelligent Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) has selected its first portfolio of 35 research, innovation and test projects to enable the development of 5G ecosystems and promote 6G research in Europe. With a total funding of this new portfolio of around 250 million euros under Horizon Europe, the aim is to build a first class European supply chain for advanced 5G systems and build Europe’s 6G technology capabilities.

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In this video, Roberto Viola, Director-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT), explains the role of the Digital Connectivity Europe Facility (CEF) program in driving critical broadband investment in Europe.

The Commission has planned €1 billion for 5G investment over the next seven years under CEF Digital

The commission has set new strategic targets for the distribution of 5G in the digital decade as a basis for a digital and green recovery.

The European Joint Undertaking for Intelligent Networks and Services (SNS JU) aims to provide industry leadership for Europe within 5G and 6G.

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The European Commission is collaborating with industry on the 5G Public Private Partnership as a research and innovation tool to structure and drive European 5G research.

The European Electronic Communications Code plays a key role in ensuring stable conditions for 5G deployment while protecting public health.

The European 5G Observatory allows the EU to assess the progress of the 5G Action Plan and take steps to fully implement it.


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