Indoor Things For Couples To Do Near Me – How to spend a day when it is very hot or rainy outside? So, check out this list of indoor activities in Singapore that won’t make your day boring at all!

Whether it’s raining or too hot to go outside, you can always have fun if you have indoor activities on your list of things to do in Singapore. Some people feel confused when faced with such situations and do not think of interesting indoor places to spend their time.

Indoor Things For Couples To Do Near Me

Indoor Things For Couples To Do Near Me

Luckily, Singapore has plenty of indoor activities to consider if you want to get out and play for a day, but not outdoors. If you don’t want to spend your vacation in Singapore, these recommendations can be your reference.

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Even better, this can be your reference point if you also want to relax, but want your hotel to be close to the attractions you want. You can search for cheap hotels in Singapore for your vacation.

So don’t wait any longer! Have you checked out Singapore holidays to plan your domestic trip?

Sentosa is famous for its beaches, great hotels and all the other outdoors. But did you know that you can enjoy Sentosa in a different way and add it to your list of indoor activities in Singapore?

Yes, you can visit Sentosa 4D Adventure Land! This is Southeast Asia’s first 4D playground and is sure to be a fun place for you and your kids!

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Sentosa 4D Adventure Land has four different attractions, all equipped with 4D technology. The first is Haunted Mine Ride 4D. You and your children meet an old ghost prospector of the mine. You all then travel to the interesting location. Don’t worry, it won’t be scary, just exciting and fun!

Next up is Desperados. You are in a western city and you will shoot robbers and thugs in front of you! Be careful not to shoot an innocent.

Moving on, they have the Extreme Log Ride for a 15-minute ride through the Himalayan terrain (which is a combination of the Himalayas and the Amazon). Get ready to be thrilled and amazed by the realistic 4D technology with high definition video. Of course, this time it will be chillin!

Indoor Things For Couples To Do Near Me

The latest is Journey-2: Mysterious Island. Be part of the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Your senses are stimulated with 4D technology. You can smell the forest and feel the water splashing from the river.

Fun Indoor Activities For When It’s Just Too Hot Outside

Finally, although the name of rides may sound scary and serious, rides are actually a fun place for kids.

Originally in Korea, the Trick Eye Museum is already a well-known museum. If you haven’t visited this place at all, here you can see many optical illusions on a realistic 3D background.

Here you can take fun photos with friends and family. It’s also a kid-friendly place, so it should be on your list of indoor activities in Singapore. If you decide to visit the Trick Eye Museum, don’t forget to pack your camera or smartphone because you’ll be taking a lot of pictures inside.

So, to plan your trip to Trick Eye Museum, you need to check the public holidays in Singapore. Buy one ticket and you can get a full ticket with other attractions like S.E.A Aquarium or Singapore Cable Car.

Rainy Day Activities On The Central Coast

Looking for things to add to your Singapore bucket list for you and your kids? You should visit the S.E.A Aquarium, which stands for Southeast Asia Aquarium. Take your kids here and they’ll see over 100,000 marine animals divided into many species and habitats.

What will steal your attention is the aquarium full of tropical fish and coral because it is so colorful and beautiful! Your children will have fun in the Discovery Touch pool, where they can touch many sea animals such as starfish or sea cucumbers. Please note that this section may have different rules during the COVID19 period.

The open ocean habitat is also interesting. It will make you and your kids feel like you are at the beach! This largest aquarium is said to have 50,000 marine animals. Don’t forget to see the faces of your children as they are in awe of this sight.


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