“the Road To Health Insurance Approval And Claims: Navigational Tips For Australians” – The next important step after the Singapore PR application is to obtain the In-Principal Approval Letter, or IPA letter for short.

If you are currently waiting for your Singapore PR application status and wondering what you need to do once your PR application is approved, you have come to the right place.

“the Road To Health Insurance Approval And Claims: Navigational Tips For Australians”

Before we explain more about the IPA letter, you need to know how you can check your Singapore PR application status.

Pdf) Dilemma Of Prescribing Aripiprazole Under The Taiwan Health Insurance Program: A Descriptive Study

From the time of submission, applicants can check the progress of their Singapore PR application through ICA’s official website. You will need your SingPass login to proceed.

An In-Principle Approval Letter, or IPA letter for short, will be received by all successful Singapore PR applicants. This is another important step in the Singapore PR process.

It covers the steps to complete the Singapore PR formalities. It is valid for two months from the date of issue, and applicants are expected to complete the required tasks.

Visit any of the legal Singapore medical centers of your choice. You need to bring two documents for the medical examination:

Aarp/unitedhealthcare Medicare Advantage Review

Generally, it can take up to two weeks to get medical certification. However, this is the subject of a visit to the medical center. It is advisable to check with a medical center first.

If you submitted a medical report to MOM or ICA a year or two ago, you don’t need to go for a medical examination. You only need to fill the medical form.

Bringing you affordable, bespoke screening and treatment, ATA Medical is a one-stop center for all your healthcare needs – including chest X-rays, mammograms and ultrasound scans. A stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, ATA Medical offers Singapore PR medical check-ups at affordable rates. A request for a same-day report is possible. Read more about ATA Medical’s PR Medical Check-up.

MediShield Life is a basic national health insurance plan that provides universal coverage to all Singapore citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. Their dependents can also be protected through MediShield – to provide them with the ability to pay high medical expenses of critical or chronic illnesses.

Income Insurance Singapore

New Singapore PR status holders over the age of 30 must have a CareShield Life Plan, a long-term care insurance plan.

You can expect the documents you originally submitted to be listed during your Singapore PR application.

After receiving the medical report (or medical certificate), insurance documents and all other mandatory documents listed in the IPA letter, successful Singapore PR applicants can proceed to book an in-person appointment with the ICA.

ICA Officer will verify all of them at the time of appointment. You can expect the verification process to take about an hour.

Insurers’ Approach To Operationalizing Transformation Initiatives

These will be given on the same day. You will need to make another ICA appointment to collect your official ID.

As a Singapore PR, it will be easy for you to bring your family to Singapore. Some things you might consider looking ahead:

We ensure that our clients are well looked after from the beginning to the successful completion of Singapore PR formalities – this includes sending clients an email guide and assisting them in their preparation as detailed in their IPA letter.


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