“green Insurance Initiatives: Sustainability And Coverage In Europe” – Since our founding in 2008, we have worked in accordance with the LIFENET Manifesto (hereinafter referred to as the “Manifesto”) of “Understandability, Competitive Prices, and Convenience.”

The manifesto strongly wishes to always take the customer’s perspective without losing sight of the main goal: collaboration.

“green Insurance Initiatives: Sustainability And Coverage In Europe”

We believe that, guided by the Manifesto, our business will help solve social problems for our customers and other stakeholders. We also believe this will lead to growth in our business and improved business results.

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According to the manifesto, we are committed to improving corporate governance, consumer behavior and adapting to social changes, striving to create sustainable lives and improve our business results.

We established the following principles in our manifesto: Be a “straightforward person.” Commit to transparency. Communication between our management team, products and employees is open. Ethics means always taking the high road in obeying laws and morals. In line with these guidelines, we are creating transparent governance.

Our goal is to help our customers embrace life with products and services that are easy to understand, competitively priced, and convenient. As part of our mission, we are committed to increasing management transparency and strengthening the oversight and effectiveness of our corporate governance as a holding company with a social and public character. Through these programs, we aim to strengthen and improve business management to achieve sustainable improvements in business results.

Establishment of a board of directors composed of outside directors who constitute a majority of all directors since the incorporation of the company

Sustainability In Insurance

Consists of an audit and valuation committee chaired by an independent outsider with a majority of members

Change from a company with a board of directors to a company with a supervisory management team

In the manifesto, we state the following: Listen to your customers. Recognize needs and act accordingly. Let’s show tone and feel. To provide quality products and services that we want to confidently recommend to our own friends and family.

We support customers in the market, so that our customers can understand, accept and choose the services they really need in life.

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The second chapter of the manifesto is an exploration of our understanding of life insurance policies. Our products focus on pure protection without the excessive cost. We provide simple and understandable services.

We also provide knowledge about life insurance, policy options and security benefits so that our clients can understand, accept and choose the policy that is right for them.

Also, even though we offer our products and services online, we carefully instruct our customers on the use of the phone and chat. We’re also working to understand when customers receive coverage and benefits. We not only provide information on requests on our website, but also annually through advertising and regularly provide support to our customers.

Chapter Three of the Manifesto states that our goal is to make life insurance affordable. We provide the most affordable medical services to our clients. We provide the life insurance price list for the general public so that customers can understand, accept and choose products.

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We use the internet at all touch points with our customers, providing convenient service while reducing paper usage.

We have created an environment that allows clients to request insurance advice, apply for coverage, complete the negotiation process and make the benefits of the Internet their way of life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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